I had a very interesting conversation the other day with the owner of a golf course. I asked how they had managed through the pandemic and how, if at all, anything had changed, I was not shocked but I was surprised by the answer.

Apparently, they had very few mid-week golfers prior to the pandemic and had to encourage visiting parties to play midweek to generate some custom – but that has all changed.

Many golfers are now playing midweek, the course has never been so busy as is evidenced by the full car park, they are in no doubt that this influx of midweek golfers is a result of the working from home effect.

This is not an opinion, it is a fact.

I’m not old enough yet to play golf myself but I understand that on average it takes over 4 hours to play a round of golf, that’s half a workday by any measure.

I’m not knocking golfers as this working from home effect may be playing out in gyms, on riverbanks, on cycle paths etc,

There is an expression that might be pertinent to this worrying development – never tempt an honest man, food for thought