*‘Here’s Why So Many Companies Are Losing Employees Shortly After
Onboarding’* – a headline that caught my attention.

Whether or not subscribe to the theory that “When America Sneezes, the
World Catches Cold” we cannot ignore what is happening in their Labour

That’s why when I read the article headlined above it intrigued me. There
is no doubt that following the challenges of the pandemic, the availability
of technology that allows people to work from home and our lowest
unemployment rate since 1974 that it’s never been easier for employees to
change jobs – and recruiting and replacing staff has become increasingly

The article highlights those sectors that have turnover in excess of 18%
and that 45% of voluntary (employees leaving of their own accord) turnover
stems from employees less than one year in the role.

Frightening, expensive and disrupting behaviour.

But it’s not all bad news there are many things that can be done to make
sure you are engaged with your team and to ensure you do not add to these

*The article contains some useful ideas, it’s worth a read.